La Crisis de la Imaginacion

City Split Puppetry Theatre
acrobatics, dance, physical theatre, object manipulation
parental guidance:

Thursday 09.06.2022. / 19:00

Rauxa Cia (Spain)

La Crisis de la Imaginacion

„La Crisis de la Imaginacion“ is a contemporary circus performance that combines acrobatics, dance, physical theatre and object manipulation that seeks to transfer the adventurous, daring and dreamy spirit of children to the souls of adults, valuing the power of imagination. But, what if one day the imagination disappears? In that grey world, two adults manage to immerse themselves in the imagination of children, where everything is possible again and where the limits between the real and the unreal have not yet been established. Suddenly and unintentionally, one of the “ends the life of the imagination”, the crisis and panic invade them and when it seems that everything is lost, just at that moment… everything changes.

Analia Serenelli and Xavi Sanchez are formally educated circus artists (Lido, CRAC, Carampa Circus School, Creole Circus School) who met while working for “Cirque Plume”, pioneers of French contemporary circus. Since 2015, they have been working together and researching the connection between acrobatics, dance and object manipulation.

The performance is realized with the financial support of Kultura nova Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

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Tickets can be bought through the Entrio system – through webshop or stores: Dancing Bear (Dioklecijanova 6) and City Center One (Ghetaldus and Tisak Media shops). If you are located outside Split, find the closest store at

Tickets can be bought at the City Puppet Theater for the performance “La Crisis de la Imaginacion” an hour before the start, and for other performances on Friday (June 10th) and Saturday (June 11th) at the Open Air Cinema Bačvice from 10 am.

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You can purchase tickets at WEBshop, in Entrio stores, at City Puppet Theatre (an hour before the performance) and on June 10th and 11th from 10am at Open Air Cinema Bačvice.

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