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Friday 10.06.2022. / 19:30

Circus Katoen (Belgium)


The ‘living’ green in this world has to endure a lot. With a turf in the lead, Circus Katoen is looking for a playful way to visualize this process. The grass is a living material and recognizable to everyone. On the one hand very vulnerable and on the other hand, it can really take a lot. In „Grasshoppers“, Circus Katoen removes a piece of green from its natural habitat and brings it above ground level using trestles, planks, rope and their bodies. The audience follows the artists transforming the grass into an object that is literally mobilized, manipulated and controlled. In this way, artists hope to arouse empathy within the spectator. Empathy for fragile nature.

After four years and the performance of “As heavy as it goes…” performance in the the Youth Center, we are again hosting the Belgian duo Circus Katoen. We love and appreciate their work because of the environmental principles they adhere to and which spillover from their private to their artistic world. The items they perform with are natural/biodegradable/recycled and must fit in their small van. Before sustainability became a trend, Sophie and Willem were guided by these principles. Even the name of the collective (Katoen = Cotton) speaks of what kind of artists they are – the cotton, when produced in a sustainable way, is a clean, natural fabric, soft but very strong, a characteristic that can also be found in their work.

The performance is realized with the financial support of Flanders – State of the Art, Kultura nova Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

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Tickets can be bought at the City Puppet Theater for the performance “La Crisis de la Imaginacion” an hour before the start, and for other performances on Friday (June 10th) and Saturday (June 11th) at the Open Air Cinema Bačvice from 10 am.

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You can purchase tickets at WEBshop, in Entrio stores, at City Puppet Theatre (an hour before the performance) and on June 10th and 11th from 10am at Open Air Cinema Bačvice.