Saturday 22.04.2023. / 21:30

ariel hoop, partner acrobatics, vertical rope
circus tent at Zenta bay
Cirkorama, Cirkusfera & Un loup pour l’homme

After the successful collaboration in 2019 through the “Ride and Camp” project, the renowned French acrobatic collective Un loup pour l’homme, and local circus organizations Cirkorama from Zagreb and Cirkusfera from Belgrade continued to work together on the project through which they encourage and support artists from Croatia and Serbia to continue their journey towards a professional circus career.

Four performers (Danka Sekulović, Hristina Šormaz, Jelena Kalaica, Nemanja Jovanović) and their mentors (Alexandre Frey, Špela Vodeb, Nikola Mijatović) decided to use unfavourable working conditions and circumstances to their advantage, and include them in the creative process rather than to succumb to their shortcomings. This is how the performance “Duel” came to life. Four acrobats face the outcome of the confrontation. At times they play against one another, at times they choose to play together. Observe. Anticipate. React. Countless times, over and over again, but each time differently. Through the challenge, they see the truth and get to know themselves again.

Production of performance have been supported by: CirkoБalkana, Teatroskop — Southeastern European Network for Performing Arts, Institut français à Paris, Institut français de Croatie, Institute français de Serbie, Ministry of culture and information of Republic of Serbia, Bitef theater, Bitef Festival, KC Magacin, Circus Residential Network (supported by Ministry of Culture and Media of Republic of Croatia, Municipality of Zagreb, City office of Culture). The performance in Split is realized with the financial support of Teatroskop (part of the “Circus (must) SEE” program), Kultura nova Foundation, the Ministry of Culture and the media of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Split.

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Circus analysis and criticism workshop with Jean-Michel Guy

20 — 22 April 2023

The workshop is intended for critics, journalists, editors and performance theorists, regardless of their media experience or knowledge of contemporary circus art, from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Kosovo. Applications are open until 23:59 p.m. Sunday, April 2 2023.


You can purchase tickets at the WEBshop and one hour before the start of each performance at the venue (circus tent, Dom mladih, Kopilica). The festival pass is valid for all days of the festival and includes eight performances with tickets (Duel, Juggling Concert, My Death and me, Piti Peta Hofen Show, Restlesslegs, Runa, The Thin Line and #Manifesto), nine performances with free entrances (entry priority) and a festival bag. If you would like and can afford to support the organization of the Festival and the structures behind it, you can purchase a bit more expensive festival pass and help the future development of contemporary circus and outdoor arts in our city and region.