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“Grasshoppers” is a reproduction of the resilience and vulnerability of nature and the role that we as humans play in it.
A vibrant ode to the vivid imagination, which questions the notions of freedom and transformation.
A poetic and theatrical circus performance, floating between the earth and the sky.
While verticality and horizontality meet, this performance is about introspection and dialogue between a woman and her conscience.

important notices

You can purchase tickets at WEBshop, in Entrio stores, at City Puppet Theatre (an hour before the performance) and on June 10th and 11th from 10am at Open Air Cinema Bačvice.

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Extra program

5.6.2022. / 20:00h / Open Air Cinema Bačvice
Kino Cirkus: Fakirs

This year, our festival’s gathering begins with the screening of the Spanish documentary “Fakirs”.

7.6.2022. / 17:00-20:00h / Mala scena at Youth Center
Vertical rope workshop with Inbal Ben Haim

A workshop on research, technique and movement on a vertical rope led by one of the most interesting emerging circus artists at the moment! Book your place:

10. & 11.6.2022. / 10:00h / Open Air Cinema Bačvice
Coffee with artists

The day after the performance, we will hang out with the artists over coffee – come, ask them anything you want to know about the life of circus artists!

10. & 11.6.2022. / 11:00h / Open Air Cinema Bačvice
"Wet talks"

“Wet talks” are actually conversations with colleagues from the sector on the topic of “craziness & laziness” and “stageless”, which serve us to prepare for the next edition of the festival, which will host the annual meeting of the Circostrada Network. Book your place:

10.6.2022. / 18:00h/ Open Air Cinema Bačvice
Workshop "Kuća od priča"

A workshop for writing and creating stories for children led by Jelena Pervan. This workshop is intended for children from 5 to 9 years. Book your place:

11.6.2022. / 18:00h/ Open Air Cinema Bačvice
Presentation "Contemporary circus artists association"

If you want to learn more about the Contemporary circus artists association, join us at this presentation.

10. & 11.6.2022. / 22:00 - 04:00h / Open Air Cinema Bačvice

After the performances, stay with us, have a drink and enjoy our music program with DJ Dunja -Muzika za dobar đir and DJ Evil Jacx. 🙂


Tickets can be bought through the Entrio system – through webshop or stores: Dancing Bear (Dioklecijanova 6) and City Center One (Ghetaldus and Tisak Media shops). If you are located outside Split, find the closest store at

Tickets can be bought at the City Puppet Theater for the performance “La Crisis de la Imaginacion” an hour before the start, and for other performances on Friday (June 10th) and Saturday (June 11th) at the Open Air Cinema Bačvice from 10 am.