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About Festival

Peculiar Families Festival will bring together artists from four countries through six performances that will showcase the finest tricks of circus families from all over Europe in an intense four-day program. It is no coincidence that this caravan landed in Split. They know about the city through more than 10  years of dedicated work of the contemporary circus collective ROOM 100 on the development of the circus scene in Croatia, the Balkans and beyond.

Through its program selection, the Festival is a gathering place for artists and audiences looking for high quality, innovative, critical and engaged contemporary circus performances. The venues of the Festival, Youth Center Split, Puppetry Theatre City of Split and the mountain Mosor will serve as a place for creating an intimate relationship between the artists and the audience, the existing and the new ones, which will become aware of the world of contemporary circus art, its history, development, significance, genres and trends.
The Festival is called “Peculiar Families Festival”, referencing the creative and complex community of circus artists and their audiences. Contemporary circus art is much more than just an art form. The specific requirements for physical capacity, the character of the interdisciplinary between performing and conceptual art, as well as the conditions of production, often characterize not only the work but also the life of circus artists. For these reasons, vigorous, intimate and trustworthy cooperation between the members of the collective is created. The magic of the circus is when that energy is transferred to the audience. Festival’s goal is to create precisely that effect and break down borders between the audience and artists, the city and the circus tent, the family as a community and a necessity. The boundaries of body and mind are common to all; circus artists are just turning those boundaries into a creative process, expressing through them the metaphors of everyday life. With its name, this Festival recognizes the complexity and intimacy of everyday human relationships and wants to talk openly about all the different aspects of life choices that ultimately make us all the “circus artists” in our environments.

Antonia Kuzmanić, artistic director

About us

ROOM 100 is an internationally awarded contemporary circus collective from Split founded by Antonia Kuzmanić and Jakov Labrović in 2010. ROOM 100 produces and distributes contemporary circus performances and other artistic works of the collective, manages HALA 100 – residency venue for research in contemporary circus art, hosts international contemporary circus artists for performances, residencies and workshops, realizes a program of film screenings “Kino Cirkus” in several Croatian cities, brings the contemporary circus to smaller island communities and cities in Dalmatian hinterland through the project “Circus on the periphery ” and implements a number of other projects for the development of the audience in the contemporary circus sector. ROOM 100 is a partner in the projects “CIRCUS WITHOUT CIRCUS” and “circusnext PLaTFoRM” which are co-financed by the European Commission through the Creative Europe program and is a member of the Circostrada network (Antonia Kuzmanić is a member of the Circostrada Steering Committee since 2018).

Who is who?

Antonia Kuzmanić
Artistic director and executive producer

Jakov Labrović
Production and program selection assistant

Jere Kuzmanić
Production assistand and visual identity

Ivana Šarić
Production assistant

Antea Vrdoljak
Hospitality office

Ana Nevešćanin
PR and hospitality office

Franko Sardelić
Main festival's technician

Marko Dajak
Technical support and visual identity

Griša Kuzmanić
Baby of the Festival

important notices

You can purchase tickets at WEBshop, in Entrio stores or at the festival's office.

Please pay attention to physical distance measures and avoid creating crowds.

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Extra program

5.9.2021. / 20:00h / Open Air Cinema Bačvice
Kino Cirkus: Dumbo

This year, our festival’s gathering begins with the screening of the Disney classic “Dumbo”. “Dumbo” celebrates 80 years since the first screening.

10. & 11.9.2021. / 11:00h / festival's office
coffee with artists

The day after the performance, we will hang out with the artists over coffee and croissants – come, ask them anything you want to know about the life of circus artists!

11.9.2021. / 12:00h / Beton kino
screening of "Ovo bi mogao biti cirkus"

This experimental film with a documentary note by Nikola Mijatović Bangavi points to the lack of adequate space for the work of circus artists in Croatia. Book your place: https://forms.gle/7r41fjehzcDD9sZh9

13. - 15..9.2021. / 10:00h - 13:00h / HALA 100

A partner acrobatics workshop with the innovators of this circus discipline, Un loup pour l’homme collective. Book your place: https://forms.gle/G7JSDbB4Za79EUqX7


Tickets can be bought through the Entrio system – through webshop https://www.entrio.hr/event/festival-neobicnih-obitelji-9794 or stores: Dancing Bear (Dioklecijanova 6) and Ghetaldus shop (City Center One). If you are located outside Split, find the closest store at https://www.entrio.hr/outlets.

Tickets can be bought at the Festival Office (entrance to the Gallery of the Youth Center) from Monday September 6th until September 8th from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and from September 9th until the end of the Festival from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tickets for the play “SO.” will be sold at the City Puppet Theater Split an hour before the start of the performance.

Due to the recommendations in preventing the spread of COVID-19 disease, we encourage you to purchase your tickets online. The number of tickets is limited.